More back door politics for Clinton and Ickles

Here comes the broken record.  The Clintons and their “posse” will do anything to win this nomination.  The tactics used by the Clinton team are exactly what makes Hillary Clinton herself so untrustworthy and unelectable. 

Clinton’s “Delegate Guru” Harold Ickes (insert joke here) finally admitted that he has pushed, and is pushing the “race” issue when communicating with yet unpledged super delegates.  Ickes has told these undecided democrats that Obama’s affiliation with Pastor Wright is a deal breaker for democrats and will be the demise of Obama when the Republicans use the Obama/Wright relationship in the same manner as the Swift Boaters did against John Kerry.

So essentially, he is saying to super delegates that Barack Obama is unelectable because he was a member of a black church that had an outrageous pastor, who said outrageous statements with which Obama himself has already said he does not agree.  But deeper than that, it is Obama’s race that, in Ickes mind, is a “problem”.  He backed off a bit when reporters pressed the issue.

This whole thing is the equivalent of school yard gossip.  He first said that the super delegates brought up the race issue to him: “Super delegates have to take into account the strengths and weakness of both candidates and decide who would make the strongest candidate against what will undoubtedly be ferocious Republican attacks,” Ickes continued. “I’ve had super delegates tell me that the Wright issue is a real issue for them.”

Asked whether he was specifically bringing up Wright to super-delegates, Ickes said: “I’ve said what I’ve said…I tell people that they need to look at what they think Republicans may use against him. Wright comes up in the conversations.”

So know we get to the real issue of typical Clinton style politics.  When I hear the words “I’ve said what I said” but I don’t hear what was said, that’s a problem for me.  This is then followed by “I tell people that they need to look at what they think Republicans may use against him”.  So what he means is, I’ll tell those super delegates how to think and what to think about.  All of this is ended by Ickes claiming that the Super Delegates bring up Wright in the conversation to Ickes, not Ickes to the Super D’s.

So Harold Ickes is trying to scrape up every possible delegate for Hillary Clinton.  This week, some of this activity was fueled by the “real” outcome of the Texas “prima-caucus” where, while Clinton still won the big picture, Obama ended up with more delegates than originally suspected.  So Ickes, brings up race as an issue but says he doesn’t bring up race.  Kind of confusing.  But isn’t that just another tactic of the Clintons?  Confuse them enough so they don’t even know what questions to ask.

I believe that Clinton should run as long as she wants to, but only until is is absolutely, mathematically impossible.  But we’re not there yet.  I also believe that as much as democrats are supporting ONLY their candidate and will vote against the OTHER candidate in a general election if their doesn’t win, I doubt it.  It sounds good but it is an empty threat.  Our drive to get the republicans out of the White House is stronger that our disdain for any candidate in the democratic party. 


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