Waving Idiots – Today on NBC

This has bothered me for years and it has finally gotten so bad I just had to write about it.

Does anyone know what “We’ll be right back, but first, this is Today on NBC” means?  The sentence makes no sense, yet has been an acceptable mainstay of morning television for years.  But that’s not why I am writing this article.  I just thought I would get that off my chest.

I understand that some people may get excited about being at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC during the Today Show, I guess.  They have had crowds on the Plaza for years and while I have always thought it was annoying to have these hoards of people yelling and screaming, I accepted it as part of the show.  Since I don’t watch the show that often, why should I care, right.

Recently, I lost my job and began spending more time watching TV in the morning.  I prefer GMA and fight with my friends who watch morning television all the time about which show is better.  CBS is just out of the race.  I mean, let’s face it, they’re not even in High Definition yet (Hello, it’s 2008!).

It’s one thing for the hosts to be talking about the newest Disney movie, either outside on the Plaza, or inside the studio with a glass wall behind them where you can see the crowed yelling and screaming with signs, and the like.

It is totally different when a very serious conversation is taking place about something like Heart Disease, or Cervical Cancer, and those same happy smiling faces are jumping and yelling and screamming and waving and have the cell phone up to their ear calling their family and friends back home saying “CAN YOU SEE ME, OH MY GOD, CAN YOU SEE ME.  I’M WAVING NOW, YEAH, RIGHT NOW, CAN YOU SEE ME, OH MY GOD, CAN YOU SEE ME, I’M WAVING, YEAH, I’M WAVING, I’M JUMPING, I’M JUMPING AND WAVING, I HAVE A RED COAT ON AND WAVING AND JUMPING, CAN YOU SEE ME, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT I’M YELLING AND SCREAMING AND JUMPING AND WAVING – CAN YOU SEE ME, YOU DO, ARE YOU SURE, REALLY, YOU CAN, CAN YOU SEE ME.  All the while there is a woman crying on screen during her interview with Ann Curry about how she lost her 13 year old daughter to a drunk driving accident.

I know these people out there can see what’s going on because they know when they are on camera.  I blame the Today Show itself, meaning the producers, for allowing this to become the disrespectful custom that it has become. 

I’ve seen the director change camera angles at times when it really is inappropriate to have what seems like the bleachers at an English soccer game distracting the viewer when they are talking about something like Autism, so I know somebody out there gets it. 

Why does the today show allow this to continue.  I ask you, as a viewer, whether a regular viewer or occasional viewer, do you feel that this crowd of waving idiots is necessary?  Does it distract you like it does me or am I alone in this?

I understand that when the hosts go outside, the crowd might get a bit excited.  But when the hosts are inside conducting an interview and the crowd is outside behind a glass wall, what are they accomplishing by their behavior.

If you went to the Today Show, would you stand there waving, calling your relatives asking if they can see you?  I am so sick of this behavior and it is the reason why I find myself turning the channel.  I simply can not watch Melanie from Kenosha, Wisconsin, standing there in her semi-pink winter parka, and dingy scarf, and bad hair, jumping for joy and waving like an idiot.



One thought on “Waving Idiots – Today on NBC

  1. yeah this bothers the hell out of me too. it’s just brutal to watch them wave, no originality. and wouldn’t you want to use the opportunity to display a sign that says something like ‘PEOPLE ARE DYING STOP WAR’ or ‘LEGALIZE IT’ instead of ‘KANSAS CITY BOOSTERS LOVE THE TODAY SHOW’?. i have friends that do freelance sound in television, football games, talk shows, etc. every now and then one of them will be on a job at say a football game, standing in the end zone. and he’ll call the other guy who is at home. ‘hey are you near a tv?…turn on channel 6 and watch the end zone, i’m wearing red pants’. so he’ll turn on the tv to see Rick standing in the end zone doing jumping jacks or high kicking his knees while walking in place, anything ridiculous he can think of to make him stand out. ‘did you see me?…good gotta go, bye’.

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