Jericho ends and Frontline tells an amazing story

I am sitting here a bit saddened.  I have been a supporter or the CBS series “Jericho” since it began in 2007.  I found out only today that tonight’s episode wouldn’t be the season finale, but rather the series finale.  This is a show that was cancelled once and brought back from the dead by the loyal viewers of the show.

For those of you who haven’t seen Jericho, it is about a well-designed, manipulated take-over of the United States by an evil faction of our own government, disguised as a country wide nuclear attack by terrorists.  The show weaved human stories into the larger plot that was a metaphor for the Iraq war and a story about a special American kind of freedom and commitment to our basic rights. 

I understand that ratings mean dollars and if you don’t have ratings, a show isn’t going to last.  My only hope is that maybe someone like HBO, Showtime, or some other media outlet will take on the responsiblity of this great story.

It was strange that on the same night, part two of the Frontline special “Bush’s War” was on PBS.  This was no metaphor.  This is a timeline account of the lead up, executions, fumbling, mismanagement, and illegality of the Iraq war.  It was difficult to watch both of these shows on one night.

It makes me want to call for the impeachment or arrest if the following for war crimes: Dick Cheney, George Tenet, Paul Wolfowitz, Paul Bremmer, Karl Rove and a host of others.  I would call for the impeachment of Bush as well, but I don’t think he was even smart enough to know what he did wrong and he was nothing more than a puppet for Dick Cheney.  What is so hard to understand for me is how all of this information was known and nobody did or said anything about it until it was all too late.

3 thoughts on “Jericho ends and Frontline tells an amazing story

  1. The fight for Jericho is not over!

    Carol Barbee has confirmed that CBS Paramount is trying to sell Jericho to a different network. (CBS Televison Network showed/canceled Jericho, but CBS Paramount is the company that produces Jericho.)

    There are already some interested networks – Sci Fi, DirectTV, and The CW. The actors are still under contract and the sets are in storage.

    There is a list of things the fans are being asked to do:
    Save Jericho Again Campaign
    We will keep updating this page as information becomes available.


  2. That’s great news. I hope something happens. I still find it hard to believe this show went off the air. I know a lot of good shows over the years have been cancelled but his one, for some reason, has a special place in my heart.

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