Democrats Unite! – please?

There are now rumblings among the voters that I know (mostly Democrats) who have decided that while it is time for a woman president, it is not this woman (Hillary Clinton).  They have also said and discussed openly that if Hillary Clinton were to win the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination, they would vote for John McCain rather than vote for Hillary Clinton.

I find this troubling, I find it a travesty, and I totally understand it. 

I have tried for so long now to convince anyone who will listen that Hillary Clinton is a divisive figure; a person at whom people frequently and openly roll their eyes at the mere mention of her name.

I don’t know how to fix this other than to beg the remaining states yet to have a primary or caucus, and to beg the remaining undeclared super delegates, to vote for Barack Obama. 

People on both sides of the aisle, and those in between, are sick of the war, sick of the Bush policies to which McCain wants to remain steadfast, and are sick just plain sick of the Republicans and the fact that the ones in power right now are so out of touch with everything going on in society and the economy.  As a result, I don’t believe that if Obama were to run against McCain, that Obama would lose.  There is just no way that would happen.  But if McCain were to run against Clinton, many would vote for McCain just to spite Hillary Clinton.  Hell, I’m thinking of doing it myself just to prove a point.  That we would rather have 4 more years of Bush-like politics than have Hillary Clinton in the White House.

So let’s end this ridiculousness as soon as possible.  That’s you Pennsylvania, that’s you Indiana and North Carolina.  That’s you John Edwards who has yet to pledge the delegates he got to one of the two remaining candidates.  And I am talking to you, Super Delegates, who need to make a decision and make it NOW for Obama.  The Democratic Party needs to come together as a solid, unstoppable force, united to take control of the war, the economy and this country.  Otherwise, hold your breath for another 4 years of death and destruction.  We just hit 4000 dead troops today.  How many more before you will all look at the big picture.  Are you really that beholden to Hillary Clinton?  Because she’s is not beholden to you and would throw you under the train in a New York minute.


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