What’s the deal with a do-over in Michigan and Florida?

Florida voting is now a national joke.  I’m sure I don’t have to restate what happened in 2000, and in 2004 in Florida.  But here’s the reality.  The Democratic National Committee told Florida that if they moved their 2008 primary ahead of schedule, their delegates would not be counted.  Well, they went ahead and did it anyway.  No Democrats campaigned in Florida, the lay of the land is different now than it was in January of 2008, meaning we are down to 2 possible choices as opposed to 8 back then.  So if Florida re-votes, it would be like if you were bowling, trying to pick up a spare.  You slip and yourare allowed to bowl it again.  Well, since the pins can’t be reset to the spare you originally had, you have no choice but to bowl the whole frame over again.

If Florida is allowed to re-vote, they will then be rewarded for not following the rules.  The whole intention of telling Florida that their delegates would not count if they didn’t follow the rules was to keep them in check.  Now, since the race is so close and if Florida is allowed to re-vote, they could actually be the State that decides the nominee. 

So we went from trying to punish them and enforcing that, to shooting them into the spotlight of the Democratic nomination process, which is exactly what Florida wants.  It’s like really bad parenting.  It’s like buying your child an iPod after you punish them for not taking out the trash.  Talk about your mixed messages.

In Michigan, Barack Obama went so far as to remove his name from the ballot, not just refuse to campaign there like everybody else.  The candidates knew that Michigan’s situation was the same as Florida’s and all of the Democratic candidates agreed to the rules.  An again, to allow a re-vote would be like rewarding bad behavior.

The only idea I have ever heard that makes any sense is to add up the total number of delegates available in Michigan and Florida and split them equally between Obama and Clinton.  The candidates need the delegates of Michagan and Florida to achieve the number of delegates needed to win the nomination.  The Democratic party also needs to show unity among the party so Florida and Michigan need to attend the Convention and be counted.  If done this way, the votes will “count”, the voters won’t feel disenfranchised, and there will be no net affect on the existing delegate count.


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