Video proof of the lenghts that the Clintons will go to.

I have been saying for a while now that I believe the Clinton’s will do anything, and I mean anything, to win this nomination and the Presidency for Hillary.  The Clinton’s do not want you to see this video and did everything they can to cover up their involvement with these dealings.  So watch this with an open mind and take a look at what they did to get Hillary to be a Senator.

While Bill Clinton is the one President that I considered to be “my President” of my lifetime, unfortunate public scandals and hallway whispers have made me, and I am sure others, question the true character of both Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track.  In my research I came across some very questionable tactics by both Bill and Hillary Clinton that were used to help her get elected to the Senate, and hopefully (in their eyes) become President.  Take a good look at this and listen to the people who are speaking on behalf of themselves.  This video is not one person simply accusing another of something.  These are the real players who discuss what the Clinton’s did and how they covered up their devilish plots to ensure Hillary’s Senate seat, and then go back on their deal.  So both of those things bother me.  They made illegal deals, covered them up, and then reneged on them.  What other promises have they made right now (including to donors to the Bill Clinton presidential library) that they will need to honor, or go back on and cover up?

After taking a few minutes to watch these, ask yourself if Hillary, with Bill at her side, is the kind of person you want to be your next President.


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