Nita Lowey on Meet the Press

If I was going to send somebody on national television to represent me and my point of view during the most hotly contested primary of any Presidential race in decades, would I pick Nita Lowey?

She is a Democrat, from New York, just like Hillary Clinton.  But her remarks during this Sunday’s Meet the Press (3/16/08) were substandard and didn’t help Senator Clinton in any way, shape, or form.

She used the words “With all due respect” innumerable times when addressing both Tim Russert and Bill Bradley (representing the Obama campaign).

She also said the words “I believe” the same number of times.  I’m not sure anybody cares what Nita Lowey “believes”.  To me, it sounded like a way to try and get a point across without actually commiting to any real facts.  The electorate wants answers, substantive answers, not more opinions, rhetoric, and manipulation of specific words and phrases.

Nita Lowey “believes” that the Clintons have released more than 20 years of tax returns (not the ones that people are looking for but there were 20 of them).  She also “believes” that Hillary Clinton’s documents from her time as First Lady will be released at the right time (they won’t be release now, because we may learn things they don’t want us to learn, but they will be released, I’m thinking right around November 6th or so).

It was interesting to watch and you can check it out on YouTube. She ended her appearance by saying that all the questions about Obama’s pastor and Geraldine Ferraro have been asked and answered.  She “believes” we should move on and talk about the real issues.  Finally! After about 25 minutes of conversation with Russert and Bill Bradly, she finally said something that made sense and was actually a good idea.


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