Christian Fundamentalists can go to hell

Since I am not a believer that God created the world in 6 real time days about 6000 years ago, and I don’t believe that dinosaurs and humans roamed this planet at the same time, I can tell Christian Fundamentalists to go to hell and it doesn’t mean anything to me because I don’t believe in Hell either.  Unless you want to count the daily life that some are forced to endure as a living hell, then yes I believe that.

When I hear a 10 year old girl, shown on the evening news, say that there is no such thing as evolution or some “big bang asteroid theory” (which she says as she floats fake quotations signs in the air) I want to first slap her parents, then slap the minister or pastor of her church, and then slap the shit out of her.  If that makes me evil, or the devil, or whatever “they” want to call it, then so be it.  I didn’t say I was going to do it, it’s just what I think about.  Just slap ’em!  Even they can’t say it’s  sin to consider something.

How is it that creationists are so narrow minded in their beliefs that they can’t account for contradictions between creationism and evolution that can be proved in a third grade science project, and don’t care that they can’t. 

Hey, if you want to believe in God and that God created the heavens and the earth, I have absolutely no problem with that.  But don’t go around trying to debunk what scientists proved, or disproved, years ago just because your translation of the bible says something different.  Is blind faith in falsehoods going to get you through your daily life?  I guess so.  And there is no wonder why these are the same people who voted for George W. Bush, TWICE no less.  I assume they just wanted to carry on the tradition of standing firmly behind someone, or something, that is an absolute lie, but it is exactly what they wanted to hear.


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