Barack Obama and his Church

I was raised Catholic and was forced to go to church until I was about 16 years old.  As a young gay man, it was very, very difficult to go to church when I not only didn’t agree with the churches teachings about homosexuality, but also the churches views and guilt-based, repentance structure.

I was also raised a Democrat, sort of.  My father was a democrat and my mom was more independent.  As an adult, I found my own way in terms of politics, but to this day, have not found any one politician, Democrat or otherwise, that I agree with 100% of the time.

I am an American and America has a President named George Bush.   I have travelled outside of the U.S. since he has become President.  In terms of my beliefs and my politics, he certainly does not represent me.  And while I would stand by and defend my Country and what the United States of America stands for, I can’t necessarily defend the things that the Bush Administration says or does.

So Barack Obama goes to a church.  The leader of that church could be considered somewhat radical in what he has said.  That does not mean that Barack Obama agrees with everything that his pastor has said.

That is the end of this story.  Has the media gone on covert operations to uncover the teachings of the churches of Hillary Clinton or John McCain.  I don’t think so.  And honestly, I don’t see any reason to.

So we all have our beliefs.  We align ourselves with those that MOST closely represent our views and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that any one person speaks on our behalf as a human being.  I have my own convictions and there is no preacher or politician that I would allow to speak on my behalf.

Once again, can we get back to the issues of today?  The dollar is becoming worthless, gas will be over $4.00 a gallon pretty soon, and nobody is watching George Bush who is becoming a loose cannon in the last days of his presidency.  I don’t really care what Barack Obama’s retired pastor said because in the end, we are not our pastors or political leaders, we are ourselves.  Trust what I tell you when I tell you what I think.  I will trust Barack Obama to tell me what he thinks regardless of what his pastor said.


2 thoughts on “Barack Obama and his Church

  1. Excuse me? I heard the reverend say God Damn America. I heard him say America supports terrorism of Palenstine! Obama is running for president, claims to support Israel and credits his book title THE AUDACITY OF HOPE to his pastor. That tells me a lot! Then there’s his OTHER acquaintances. You’ll be trying to make excuses for them too I suppose. You’ll be hearing all about them ALL soon.

  2. I just don’t believe we can hold people responsible for what other people say or do. I happen to be gay, but I don’t believe that those who march in gay pride parades in drag represent me. However, I do believe in their right to express themselves how they choose, whether or not I believe in their message.

    However, some day I may have to rely on the gay community as a whole, or a particular gay activist, to assist me if I run into prejudice along the way and need help.

    That doesn’t mean I must agree with everything they say or in every way they choose to present themselves.

    It is a slippery slope to blame one person for the words or actions or someone they are associated with.

    The same idea applies to Geraldine Ferraro. I don’t think that she should have resigned (from a campaign that she said she wasn’t involved in, but whatever). Hillary Clinton can simply say she doesn’t agree with Ferraro’s remarks.

    We are all associated with people, probably some in our own family, maybe even our own husband or wife, that we don’t agree with but that we still respect.

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