Geraldine Ferraro isn’t a racist, she’s irrelavent

Boy, Geraldine Ferraro has turned into a bitter, pit-bull of a woman.  In seeing her on the morning talk shows today, it took me a minute before they introduced her to figure out who this man was.  She looks like George Bush.

I watched the interview with Ferraro and Diane Sawyer on GMA.  The interview was, at best, ridiculous.  Ferraro interrupted every question, every response from Diane, and even interrupted herself.  She rambled on and was so unintelligible about what her point was that I can’t even quote her.  I would need a transcript to figure out the words she said, let alone what her defense was that her comments about Barack Obama weren’t racist.  It was like watching a 6 year old who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar but stood there defending herself saying she didn’t do it.  All the while the cookie jar was still attached to her hand.

She kept saying “Back in nineteen hundred and eighty four”, “Back in nineteen hundred and eighty four”.  First, who talks like that.  Secondly, of the few statement she made that I understood, she claimed that her comments were taken out of context.  I don’t care what context you are conjuring up; how many ways are there to interpret “If he was white, he wouldn’t be in this position”.  That is a clear statement about race, whether or not you meant it to be or not.  Even if you were an Obama supporter and said,”Good for him, he’s doing well, he’s smart and qualified, I want him for my next President, and if he was white, he wouldn’t be in this position”.  So “out of context”? I don’t think so. 

The one other thing I could discern is that she blamed the media for not calling her and asking her what she meant by her comments.  Since I stand by my opinion that there are not too many ways to construe the words “If he was white, he wouldn’t be in this positon”, what impetus would the media have for asking her to clarify it.

She went on to say that she doesn’t work for Hillary Clinton so how could she be fired.  She said that her “firm” handles finances for Obama and McCain, and that she was so offended that her remarks were “spun” in a racist fashion.

Is she just too old and senile to know what she said?  Is Alzheimer’s setting in?  I don’t know, you be the judge.  But if Hillary Clinton goes on records to say that she “rejects” what Ferraro said then I’m pretty sure that there is some correlation between Ferraro and Clinton, don’t you?

In the end, Ferraro was nervous, twitchy, rude, interrupting, and caught in a big circular argument.  When I have a circular argument on an Excel spreadsheet, I get a warning questioning the “value” of my input.


6 thoughts on “Geraldine Ferraro isn’t a racist, she’s irrelavent

  1. She also said to Diane Sawyer that she does not “work for the Clinton campaign” and that it was her “firm” that did accounting work for all three campaigns.

    If she didn’t work for the Clinton campaign then why did she resign from it yesterday afternoon.

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