Obama wins Wyoming

I am so very pleased that people have come to their senses again.  Barrack Obama has won another state (Wyoming) by a landslide. 

Have the undecided finally seen through the Clinton smoke screen?  I hope so. 

Why is it that Obama wins Caucuses easily.  In a Caucus voters talk openly, together, about their candidates, the similarities and differences of those candidates, and why they support their candidates.  In this setting, Obama supporters can easily convince the undecided why Obama should represent the Democrats in November.

Without this exchange, as in a regular voting booth primary, no discussion takes place and voters enter this decision making process with a decision already made based on preconceived ideas.  No attempt is made by fellow party members to prvoide a compelling argument for or against a particular candidate.  In this scenario, Clinton tends to have a slight advantage at times.

I find it very interesting.  If voters talk openly about the democratic candidates and share ideas and opinion (the very idea of which defines democracy itself), then Obama tends to win.   If voters don’t get a chance to share ideas and opinions and base their decisions solely on well-established perceptions, then Clinton has an advantage.

So I guess if voters want to put blinders on and not have open minds, thereby eliminating the possibility for an open dialog, that is their option.  But it’s not an option that I find beneficial to the political process.

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