A reason you might want Obama for President

Are you sick and tired of negativity, name calling, misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies yet?  I am.

To this point, Barack Obama has not stooped to the level of Hillary Clinton and her negative ads and statements.  He is determined to rise above the onslaught of what is being termed as the “kitchen sink”.  The kitchen sink is simply a somewhat nice way to say an all out war, a catapulting, as it were, of negativity against Barack Obama.  Clinton and her campaign are desperate to do anything to distract the public from liking Obama.  Make no mistake, she is a calculating woman and if you catch her off guard, you can see the coldness in her eyes.

One thing that really bothered me the other day was her “victory speech” after winning Ohio.  Her “off the cuff” remarks to the crowd were so well scripted that she couldn’t even “act” spontaneous without a script.  She actually had the read the words “This one is for you”. 

Have you ever heard or seen Barack Obama speak.  His speaks from his gut.  He doesn’t need note cards because he knows what he believes in and how to convey those beliefs.  He can think on his feet and does not have to turn around to his staff of script writers to create an unscripted moment.  I think it is so hypocritical of Clinton to say that when there is a national emergency, Obama won’t have time to make a speech, he’ll have to make a decision.  All the while, Clinton can’t make an unscripted speech or decision.

An now she’s fighting for the delegates in Michigan and Florida to be counted.  These states broke the rules, so their primary votes and delegates are not being counted.  Well of course she wants Michigan to count because Barack Obama removed his name from the ballot because Michigan did not follow the DNC rules.  This is how she operates.  Anything for the win.  She said she didn’t think it was fair to disenfranchise the these voters.  What she means is “this is one way I can scape up a few more illegal delegates and slip them into my pile”.

It is a long time between now and the Pennsylvania primary.  Hillary Clinton is all over the boards.

In Mississippi, she was taken to task to for these comments: “I was shocked when I learned Iowa and Mississippi have never elected a woman governor, senator or member of Congress. There has got to be something at work here.”  I’ll let you make your own decision on that one.

And after her well-known support for the Iraq war originally, now says “After the sacrifice (the troops) have made, it is time for them to come home,” Clinton continued. “They have earned that right.”

So after sending them off to war, she then disagreed with the war when it became unpopular and decides now, after so many have died, that the troops have earned the right to come home.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again until somebody listens.  She will say and do anything to anyone to get elected.  Obama does not play that way and nobody seems to notice that.  They say he’s getting a free ride.  What??  He’s not getting a free ride.  He is just honest and consistent in what is has said, and what he IS saying, so there is no reason to go over it with a fine-toothed comb for inconsistencies.

That’s the kind of person I want for my next President.

It is time for a different kind of President.  We are ready for a non-white President, and we are ready for a woman president.  But not his particular woman.


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