A Presidential election will happen in November of 2008

I think it is time for us to rally around one candidate.  Now that John McCain has won the repulibcan nomination, we can not waste time continuing to figure out who should be the democratic nominee.

Here’s the bottom line.  While it is not impossible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination, mathematically, it will be extremely difficult.  And, in order for Hillary Clinton to win, the nominee process will have to go long into June of this year.  That’s more than 3 months away. 

As for Michigan and Florida, I feel badly for those voters because the “powers that were” screwed them, knowing full well there would be a backlash if the DNC rules weren’t followed.  The only solution that makes sense to me is to assign 50% of the delegates for each state to each Obama and Clinton.  If done, it won’t effect the current net delegate count, the votes will count and the human delegates from those states can attend the convention without contention, and the states will learn their lesson.  I don’t think there is any way to “re-do” the election or count votes and delegates in any other way with any equity.  Barack Obama’s name wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan when the original primary took place.  And Florida’s Democratic primary “decisions” were made by Repulicans.  Why spend millions of dollars and man hours to re-vote.  Just split the delegates.  This way, the voters are not “disenfranchised” and the outcome isn’t going to be too far off from what would happen anyway.

I implore the voters out there in the remaining states to vote for Barack Obama so that he can concentrate on launching the most successful democratic campaign in years, to take the presidency by storm.  Don’t let negative ads by Hillary Clinton regarding national security fool you.  She is not the only person that can answer a phone in the White House at 3am.  No matter what she says, she does not have any real foreign policy experience and isn’t there a certain level of distrust when it comes to Hillary Clinton. She is still stalling on releasing not just her tax returns, but her documents from her days as first lady.

The media reports go on and on.  The bloggers keep writing and re-writing.  The compliments of support and the one-liners that try and tear a candidate down will be written with fervor.

For the first time in many years, it seems that everybody is interested in politics.  Each person thinks he or she knows the right answer and I hear, and even participate in, arguments about foreign policy, domestic policy, the economy, and all sort of things that are basically just isuses that are personal to us for our own reasons.

As much as we would all like to think that our political ideals exists because we want what is best for the country, our families, and our friends, I’m not so sure this is true.  While it is a noble thought, and while there is some feeling of the greater good, politics is realistically about us, personally.

I want a particular candidate to win the Presidency for my own benefit.  It sounds selfish and I am sure that most people would refuse to admit it.  But we all want our own lives to be better, or happier, or richer.  And we feel for the first time in a lot of years that we finally have chance to do something about it.

We have been through sixteen years of politics that never seemed to be about us.  The (Bill) Clinton years in the end had to do with his personal character, her character, and whether or not you could trust either of them.  The Bush (the second) years have been all about the Iraq war.  For sixteen years it doesn’t seem like any happening in this country has been about me.  And so I believe that for sixteen years you haven’t thought it has been about you, either.

We are getting passionate, enthusiastic, angry, masogenistic, and racist in the name of politics.  But what is really happening here is that we see a chance to finally feel like our voices are heard.  And if they are NOT heard now, they might not get heard again for another 8 years.  So let’s not blow it now by fighting within the democratic party. 

I don’t want Democrats and the undecided voters to lose their nerve.  The republicans have disappointed us for 7 years so far.  And Hillary Clinton is starting to talk like a republican, using scare tactics regarding national security to try and jolt the voting public back intoto thinking about issues that should not be the focus-issues for this election. 

Let’s do the right thing, now.  If Hillary Clinton were to win the nomination, which is highly unlikely, and then win the Presidency, every day we would wake up and feel that this is the 1990’s all over again.  Hillary Clinton is a divisive character across the nation, in the republican party, AND in the democratic party.  I believe this is not the direction we want to go.  It will be no better for this country than when George Bush won the election in 2000 and again in 2004.  It split this country is two.  And we have not had a chance to come back together again until now.  I don’t want another divisive personality in the White House.  Barack Obama is the right choice for the democrats to present their candidate to the nation as the person who will bring this country into the second decade of this century.


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