Hillary Clinton’s campaign is starting to use GOP style scare tactics

It started with the infamous campaign add with the “red phone”.  This is a tactic that was used by both Democrats and Republicans over the years.  But now, the Clinton campaign is delving into new territory for Democrats, using fear to get votes.  The ad has a terrible tone and nothing in that ad makes you want to vote for Clinton anyway.

Then, Senator Evan Bayh, a democratic Senator from Indiana who endorsed Hillary Clinton, and in my mind believes he may be her selection for Vice President, spoke on “Face the Nation”.  He spoke in very, very vague terms but he made his point.  He said that “our intelligence community” has indicated that Al Queda will most certainly attack us again “in this country”.  He went on to say that Al Queda has been “building up” on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border and they are beginning to send their people out all over the world again.  And finally, he explained his first hand knowledge that Hillary Clinton is highly respected by our troops.

So here we go.  They have tried everything else to try and win this nomination and nothing is working anymore.  There was a time when her nomination looked almost locked in.  But that’s not the case anymore.  It has been a slow, but evident decline.  So the final tour de force is to try and scare the American public into voting for Hillary because Al Queda will strike us again on our soil.  I don’t even understand the argument.  If all of our intelligence agencies fail to thwart an attack on American soil, will it matter who is President at that point.  Are we supposed to go back and think, “Gee, if we had only elected Hillary, they wouldn’t have attacked us”.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday, March 4, because I am hoping that after than, we will know who the nominee is and we can concentrate on the big picture of winning in November.

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