Didn’t you know that all world emergencies happen at 3:00 am

I heard it again today.  Hillary Clinton’s TV commercial about the White House phone ringing at 3:00 in the morning and you need someone with experience to answer it.  And she used this same scenario yet again in another political speech today.

Senator Clinton  expects you to rely on her years of experience to prove that she is the person you want to answer that 3:00 AM White House phone call.

What exactly is it in her background that qualified her for this.  Assuming that she is referring to some world emergency, or a national emergency, what has she done in her career that compares to the situation she is depicting.

Isn’t good judgement the only real qualification.  I don’t know why I asked the question because I already know what the answer is.  So if you follow that train of thought, isn’t she insinuating that Barack Obama (and John McCain) don’t have good judgement.

Well, that’s a bit offensive.  In fact Barack Obama responded to Hillary’s charge in the same manner that I described.  He said that someone with good judgement is who you want handling America’s emergencies, not just someone who has been around a long time.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are grasping at straws here. The know they have to win the Texas and and Ohio primaries (caucuses) and I believe they don’t have a clue on how to do that.

Texas does have some very strange rules about their voting.  They have a primary in the first part of the day and a caucus at night.  I dont’ even pretend to understand it all.  But I can tell you that the Clinton campaign is considering filing a law suit to contest these rules in Texas.  The reality is that they are afraid that even if Hillary wins the state, Barack could still end up with more delegates in the overall race.

This goes back to something I wrote a while back about the difference between Hillary and Barack.  I believe that the Clintons will do ANYTHING to win this Presidency.  I mean anything.  I mean things I can’t even think of.  I mean Hillary Clinton would sell her soul to become President. 

And that is why I am supporting Barack Obama.  I don’t think that Barack Obama would sell his soul.  I believe that if it came down to him having to compromise his principles or get out of the race, he would walk away.  He has integrity. 

You know, I have been a Clinton supporter for years.  I was so depressed when his Presidency ended and we were stuck with George Bush.  But I don’t believe that loyalties should go unchecked forever.  You constantly have to earn respect from your family, your friends, and your supporters.


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