Proud to be an American in 2008

In some of my posts I have said that I want to feel proud again to be American.  I understand how people can take that.  It sounds like I am not proud.  I am proud to be an American and I still think that America is the greatest country on earth.  We have our faults but what country doesn’t.  What I am really trying to say is I want to be more proud; like I did when I was a kid.  Does anyone remember the Bicentennial celebration and all of the local town parades that took place?  I do.  And I remember going with my father and every time the American Flag would pass by, we would stand up and put our hand on our heart.  I did it because he did it.  I was a young, impressionable kid and that one small act of patriotism stays with me still today.

It is not as if I am not proud at all.  Even if I look at just this presidential race, I am proud of our country for the simple fact that we have a woman and a black man as our choices for the Democratic party.  That alone is an unbelievable accomplishment for America.  As wonderful and progressive a country as we are, we have been behind the times on the issue of non-conformity.  So it is great to see a shift in the American consciousness.  I am also proud that our country as a whole, not just the Democrats, have begun to open their minds and look at other perspectives.   I will always be proud of our troops.  They voluntarily give their lives to protect us and our feedom.   The must blindly put themselves at terrible risk whether or not they agree with the resons they have been given for doing so. 

I have heard from, and read about, so many people who call themselves republicans who have decided to take a fresh look at what is going on in this great country and make some difficult choices.   I am so enamored with the idea of not just voting for your party because it is your party.  For me, as crazy as it may sound, I would have seriously considered Ron Paul if he was the republican nominee.  He didn’t make it that far.  But I believed in his passion for the Constitution of the United States.  He is the one who inspired me to get a pocket copy of the Constitution so I could read it and refer to it during this time of great political change in our country.  It’s a great thing to have around when you want to argue your points at a cocktail party, too.  I highly recommend each of you to get a free pocket copy (available in several places on the web).

Here’s an example of what I am not proud of.  Yesterday during a press conference George W. Bush said that he had no idea that gasoline could easily get to $4.00 a gallon very soon.  Let me say the important part again; he had no idea.  He also said he is working hard on economic stimuli so that Americans “can put money on the table”.  I’m pretty sure that when I sit down with my family for dinner that we won’t be eating Nickels a la mode.  You can pass that off as someone who just misspoke.  But, I’m sorry, if you look at the number of times that this man has misspoken, it’s not a mistake, it is stupidity.  I tried to think of a funny metaphor for George W. Bush; something like the crazy old uncle in your family.  But the truth is, he is a one of a kind idiot, incomparable on all levels to anyone or anything.  And no, I am not proud that he is representing America on the world stage and I am ashamed if anyone on this earth thinks that I am anything like him.  I wrote about the countdown clock, as of today, it is only 325 days until he is gone and we, together, as Americans, can stand proud once more.


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