How many days left before we get rid of Bush?

Every time I see him on TV, whether it is a sound bite or, like today, a news conference, I get just down-right pissed off at 50% of the American people who voted this complete idiot into the office of president of my country.

I remember 2000 and I remember that the election was stolen.  I remember 2004 and how the election was almost as bad in terms of the voting fraud that went on.  But the bottom line is there were enough Americans who voted for GWB that made it close enough for the election to be stolen in the first place. 

I don’t even have the stomach to call him Mister or president with a captial P so don’t expect it here.

How can you listen to this man speak for more than 15 or even 30 seconds and think “Yea, this is the guy I want to lead my country”.  What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.

The only solace I have is the countdown clock on National Nightmare (  I never thought this would go beyond 2004, but it did.

I check it every day, sometimes twice or three time a day just to give myself an emotional and political boost; to remind myself that it really is true that he is almost gone.

For all of you who voted for Bush, SHAME ON YOU.  If you have changed your mind or feel remorseful about what you did, good for you, but I still blame you for not doing your homework back then.

Don’t make the same mistake.  Do your homework this time, please.  Get on the Internet, read everything you possibly can both for and against all possible candidates and do some real soul searching before you pull a lever.  It is your right and your responsibility.

I need to say one thing about this infamous “surge” that is being touted as a true winning move.  Again, you need to do your homework.  The only thing that has really changed is that the media isn’t reporting all of the violence in Iraq as much as they used to.  The NEXT president is more interesting that the current one and people have become immune to the war.  It is sad that so many have tuned it out and don’t want to hear it anymore.  The only thing that has surged is complacency.

Let the countdown continue.


One thought on “How many days left before we get rid of Bush?

    Impeach yesterday.
    If there is no time to impeach, there is no time for baseball B.S.

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