Hillary Clinton sinks to desperate new lows and it shows

Hillary Clinton is getting desperate.  I was actually feeling a little bit sorry for her and began to write a post today to apologize to my readers for the lack of professionalism in a recent post.  I felt a tinge of guilt because of introducing the post-menopausal hormone issue into her persona.  But I’ve decided not to retract anything.

I did a bit more research before I actually posted that semi-retraction.  There was an article in the New York Times that I will quote here as follows:  The Clinton campaing is now

“unleashing what one Clinton aide called a “kitchen sink” fusillade against Mr. Obama, pursuing five lines of attack since Saturday in hopes of stopping his political momentum.”

Fusillade is a word I had to look up, to be quite honest, and is defined (in the American Heritage Dictionary) as “A discharge from a number of firearms, fired simultaneously or in rapid succession.

So they basically used a WAR analogy to describe what they were going to do to Barack Obama and is campaign.  And speaking of war, she compared Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience to that of George W. Bush.

But she did authorize Mr. Bush to go to war and use whatever means he felt was necessary.  It was a blanket approval that went unchecked.  The same approval that she gave to her staff to rage an all out WAR against Barack Obama.

So who’s the hypocrite, who’s bends the truth, who is actually a liar?  Hillary Clinton is also engaging in an all out smear campaign against George W. Bush for his war policies and practices, yet she voted to give him that authority and has yet to apologize for it.  Talked about a mixed message. 

I have no idea what to believe anymore.  What is she for, what is she against.  Somethings are OK for some but not others.  She is honored to be with Barack on Friday, but isn’t proud of his abilities on Monday.  The confusion and desperation continues to mount.

The latest attempt today to try and discredit Barack was a photo of him in native Aftrican garb when he was there on a visit.  To me he looked like a sous-chef.  But Clinton is making an attempt at fear mongering, assuming that the American public is too stupid to know what this picture was all about.  She wants us to think that Obama is somehow linked to what, terrorists?  I find it offensive that Clinton thinks so little of the American public.  I said a long time ago that the major difference between Obama and Clinton is that Clinton will do absolutely anything to get elected president.  And I do mean anything.  One new low begats another nad you can smell defeat in the air. 

So Hillary Clinton is hell-bent on pointing out “gaps” in political experience for Obama.  I think she’s doing a very good job of that, I guess.  If her “experience” has led her down this path, the path of underhanded, dirty tricks, treating the voting public like they are stupid, and showing her true colors instead of trying to unite the Democratic party, then yes, she certainly does have a lot more political experience.

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