McCain and the New York Times? The Obamas Hate America?

First let me say that I am not affiliated with a political party.  Yes, I do tend to lean more liberal or progressive in my opinions, but I don’t blindly walk and talk the liberal game plan.

Second, I do NOT agree with what the New York times has said about John McCain regarding some mysterious woman and the insinuations they made that McCain has some sort of inappropriate relationship (whatever that means) during his 2000 bid for the presidency.  They have no real sources, and just recently, the Times endorsed McCain, only to now try and discredit him.  I think that is wrong.  I’m still not voting for McCain but he’s a decent enough guy that I’ll stick up for him where I can.

Mike Gallagher talked about this today on his show and how he had strong feelings that the NY Times was involved in a smear campaign and I actually agreed with him.

In an attempt to stir up even more trouble, he went a bit too far.  I don’t know why he didn’t stick to the McCain subject.  He would have been fine because his argument made sense.  But no.

He went right into talking about Barack and Michelle Obama saying that they both hated America.  He brought up Michelle Obama’s comment about being the first time in her adult life that she was proud to be American.

I do understand where she is coming from.  I believe what she meant is the same thing that is similar to what I feel.  When I was younger, I was proud to be an American.  But now after these long arduous Bush years, and the “me” generation that preceded that, being a proud American was not necessarily something I thought about every day. 

But now things are different.  It’s not that I am now proud for the first time.  But it feels as if it has been so long since I felt as proud as I am to be an American, that the words  “it’s the first time in my adult life that I feel proud to be an American” could easily roll of my tongue the same way they did hers.  Michelle said later, in her explanation, that she doesn’t remember a time when there was a movement in this country, a groundswell of patriotism, based on everyday Americans being proud to be part of the political party. 

Don’t let Gallagher fool you.  He said “the worst thing you can do to a liberal is call them unpatriotic”.  And so he called Barack and Michelle unpatriotic because NY Times publisher Arthur Salzberger crafted an unusual speech for a graduation commencement where he apologized that his generation did not fix all of the problems in this country that they promised themselves and their children that they would fix (like unlawful wars, a woman’s right to choose, and same sex marriage).  I really didn’t get the connection of Salzberger’s speech to the Obamas other than that he grouped them all together as America Haters.  Maybe there was more to it, I had to get out of the car and could listen no longer (thank god).  But realistically, it doesn’t matter how he might have justified saying all of that.

Well, liberals don’t hate America.  Hate is a strong word anyway but since Gallagher used it, I will.  Liberals hate the Bush Administration, they hate Bush’s cronies and their policies, they hate the Bush Administrations manipulations and lies, they hate conservative talk radio hosts base their shows on “truthiness”.  But they don’t hate America.  They are doing what they do because they love America and want everyone to have any equal shot in this world.


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