What is all this talk about Obama and plagiarism

All day long, in the news, on talk radio, all I heard was how Barack Obama had plagiarized Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts.

Back off right-wingers. Mr. Obama used similar words like “yes we can” that Deval used in speeches. So did Hillary. Well let me ask you, how many times have you said the words “yes, we can”. It is so ridiculous to me for anyone to take a phrase like that and try to make something out of it that isn’t there. It must be a slow news day and conservative talk radio needs some Democrat to malign and complain about.

And if they really want to compare, let’s talk about how all of the conservative talk radio hosts get their “talking points” memo every day from god knows who; the Republican National Committee, Rush Limbaugh himself, the White House. I know it’s not W because he can barely speak English, let alone put together a talking points memo.

But if you want to accuse someone of plagiarism, how about talk radio hosts themselves. Did you flip through the talk radio stations last week when every single one of them said the exact same thing: “McCain is not a real conservative”, “McCain is not a real conservative”, “McCain is not a real conservative”. I know those words were never uttered out of my mouth, how about yours.

Give me a break.  Can we see through this smoke screen?  YES, WE CAN.


8 thoughts on “What is all this talk about Obama and plagiarism

  1. “Once again, this blog clearly states that it is my opinion.”

    And I’m trying to figure out why your opinion is what it is because it does not seem logical. Of course it is your blog and you could delete my comments if you wish, but thus far you have graciously decided to engage me so we are conversing. The question remains: when Hillary Clinton cooks up a desperate ‘plagiarism’ charge, why do you tell “right-wingers” to back off and not her?

    “As for conservative talk radio hosts, did you listen to Ingraham that day? How about Hannity, Gallagher, Limbaugh.”

    No. Did you? What did they say exactly that you think was wrong? I just did a quick google search and found this transcript of Limbaugh discussing the issue


    By my reading, Limbaugh does not accuse Obama of plagiarism. He discusses Clinton’s accusation of plagiarism. Limbaugh’s two main points seem to be:

    1. The speech itself that Obama supposedly plagiariazed is so banal and substanceless that you can’t really call echoing the words plagiarism to begin with (“My question, ladies and gentlemen, how many speeches that say absolutely nothing can there be to plagiarize?”).

    2. It shows Hillary’s desperation that she brought up this charge. (“Now, the Clinton campaign is obviously showing many signs of defensiveness and that they’re losing. …. this is sort of lame of Mrs. Clinton to go after this kind of plagiarism.”)

    So there, that’s what Limbaugh said about the subject: the speech doesn’t say much to begin with, and it shows Clinton’s lameness that she brought it up. You made it seem like Limbaugh was jumping all over Obama somehow. Clearly that is not the case from the actual transcript, which you clearly didn’t read or listen to. So what’s your point?

    “As for who the conservatives want to win the nomination, you may want Obama, but if you listen closely, they would rather have Hillary ”

    Again, who’s “they”? I know a lot of conservatives that would prefer Obama to win and can point you to them.

    I suggest that you invent things about ‘conservatives’/’right-wingers’ in your mind that are not based on reality, they are based on the ‘us vs. them’ mentality you seem to have. You want Obama to win, therefore “the conservatives” must be against him. This is simply not accurate and leads you to make misinformed, sweeping, stereotypical statements that have no basis in fact.

    The facts are that the Hillary Clinton campaign, and not “the conservatives” or “right-wingers”, levied a nonsense charge of plagiarism against Obama. I have substantiated this with links. You have substantiated nothing. Best,

  2. Well you got your points across. I’ll allow it. Can we be done now. It’s time to move on. You have your opinions, I have mine.

    Have a good day.

  3. Hi, Ron:
    Great blog.

    The biggest abuser of plagiarism is Elisabeth Hissybeck, when she uses Repub. talking points instead of her own thoughts Monday through Friday on ABC.

    Have a great day.

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