A long ride alone

It’s not often that we get the chance to be completely alone with our thoughts.  I was lucky today, I had no plans to see anyone or to go anywhere.  I didn’t have to do anything and had no responsibilities.

I decided to go for a drive.  It sounds dumb but I needed a halogen light bulb for this lamp that I have.  It has been working my nerves because I have been looking for the correct bulb and have stopped at about 100 places and nobody ever has it.  So I wasn’t in a very good mood at the thought of going on another quest for this damned bulb.  But I did it; and I’m glad I did.

There is a very long stretch of road between my house and the shopping center where I was headed.  It is unusual that this road, being a state highway, was pretty empty.  Since there is only one traffic light and it is right about dead center of a 15 mile stretch, you get a lot of time to just cruise in the car.  The speed limit is 55 so you can go about 60, turn the radio up, put the heated seat on, lean back and just think.  I was singing at times but not really paying attention to the music; it was more out of habit.

I thought about my life, my health, being unemployed.  I thought about family and friends.  I thought about what I should be writing about on my blog.  I thought about politics; Hillary, Barack, I really like him and imagined what it would be like to find out on election night that he had won.  What changes would that bring?  What hope would that bring?  Would I finally feel proud again to be an American.

I guess I already am proud just knowing that change is coming and all Americans seem ready for it.  I thought about the troops and how proud I am of them and their families.  I thought about how difficult it must be for the men and women in uniform and  I thought about how they don’t get the chance to drive down a country road listening to whatever music they want, pondering life and the world around them, lost in their own thoughts.

I try to be thankful for something every day.  It’s easy when times are good but damn is it difficult when it seems like the world is closing in around you.  So today, I am thankful for the long ride alone, in my car.  I don’t think many people get the opportunity like I did today, to just be alone with your thoughts and think about how you fit into the world around you.  It is a cathartic experience and my wish is that everybody gets a chance to stop….and think….and take a deep breath.  Take your long ride alone, it will all be OK.

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