Why Obama might win

About a month ago I wrote a post about why I thought Barack Obama would not win the nomination or the Presidency.  That did not mean I did not want him to win, it was just a theory on why he probably would not win.

But now I am starting to think differently.  A lot has happened in a month.  Hillary has lost some footing, and some credibility.  When they show clips of her, she now sounds tired and her voice is screechy, dare I say, annoying.  Every time she ends a diatribe with words that sound like “all the way to the White House”, it sounds to me like even she doesn’t believe it. 

Let’s face it, Obama has now won all of the primaries and caucuses since super Tuesday (where he won a great deal of those as well).  The ground swell of support for him has reached every corner of the country, every race, every religion, and republicans are so un-excited about who they have this time around, that many of them aren’t even bothering to vote in their primaries or caucuses. 

I think they are waiting for the general election at which point they will vote for Barack Obama.  That is because the Republican base, and even the super right, would do anything to stop another Clinton from entering the White House.  And since John McCain has so little support from his own party, what other possible scenarios could play out?

As I said at the beginning, a lot has changed in a month, and a lot will probably change again.  I just hope that surge of Obama support doesn’t change.  I don’t know if you can rely on exit polling.  But I was please to see that in those results, even white males voted for Obama. 

I wasn’t raised that way. To me Barack is not a black man; he’s just a man, with ideas, intelligence, and charisma.  Charisma doesn’t earn you the right to be President, but his passion for his country, and the people that inhabit it, does.


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