Conservative Talk Radio is helping the Democrats

I quickly scanned the CTR circuit of radio stations today and found the same thing.  They were playing up Barack Obama’s recent wins over the weekend and playing up Hillary Clinton’s loses in those same states.

I think that the conservative talking heads are so afraid that if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, she’ll win the Presidency.  They are so afraid that she will win that they would rather the democrats, or the independents, unaffiliated, undecided (whatever you want to call them), and even Republicans vote for Barack Obama than Hillary Clinton. 

Keep in mind that the conservatives don’t think that McCain is conservative so they were absolutely aghast when Romney pulled out.  They couldn’t back McCain after all the things they said about him, never thinking for a minute that Romney would back out.  And honestly, unless John McCain dies, Huckabee can not mathematically get enough delegates to win the republican nomination.

So in the eyes of conservative talk radio heads, its McCain against Hillary.  They don’t want either.  So without actually saying it, they actually want Barack Obama to win the Presidency.  I think they know that the Republicans just won’t win this time.  I have heard underpinning that sound like they are willing to take the loss.  But they can’t come out and say that.  That would be throwing in the towel early, admitting defeat, skulking away with their tail between their legs, insert your own metaphor here.  I have no idea what the talking points memo is going to look like in the weeks and months to come, but it will be interesting.

So let me be the first to thank Conservative Talk Radio for helping to elect Barack Obama as MY 2008 President of the United States of America. 

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