Ready on Day One; What does that really mean?

This terminology that has been used by Hillary Clinton, “I will be ready on day one”, has always confused me because I don’t know what it really means.

In the American Presidential Election, the president elect takes office about two and a half months after voting day.  On this next go round, that will be January 20, 2009.  In  the time between election day and the oath of office, the president elect has an entire transition team to assist to ehlp them ease into the extensive, and I am sure mind-boggling, role of the President of the United States.

The President Elect will get the keys and launch codes for atomic weapons; they will learn where each and every covert operator is across the world and what each of them are doing.  The President elect will learn all the dirty little secrets of the White House.  They will ge the U.S.A. checkbook with a big red balance and god knows how many bounced check fees.  All of the things that the transition team doesn’t need to cover is simply public information; available to anyone, and understandable by anyone who has a high school education.  We know how it works.  The questions is how should it work.

There is no experience that Hillary Clinton brings to the table that is so priceless that it can’t be replaced or equaled by someone else.  The fact that she already knows where they keep the Saran Wrap in the White House kitchen, because she used to live there, doesn’t really help the process; and it doesn’t help me whatsoever.

So please don’t make a mistake and don’t underestimate Barack Obama.  He’ll be ready on Day One also.  The difference is he won’t have years of that “play by the existing rules” attitude that she leverages to the hilt in her campaign.  I don’t want someone who is so “experienced” that they raise their right hand and swear that they know how to play by the rules to get things done.  I want some new rules.

I want to just point one more thing out to you.  If you were to walk around the country and mention the name “Hillary Clinton” how many eye rolls would you see, how many have you already seen.  Now do the same thing and mention the word “Barack Obama”.  How many eye rolls will you see?  You may see a scrunched up brow with a wondering sort of look, but not an eye roll.  I know that sounds a little simplified, but sometimes, simple analogies make sense.

That is not to say that I would not vote for Hillary Clinton if that was my Democratic choice against anyone the Republican party has to throw at us.  I am not a registered anything because I believe in personal choice each and every time, I don’t believe in the party line.  But I know right now that the Democrats have what it takes to move this country in the right direction, or at least in a direction.  Next time, who knows.  But above all, after years of never being interested in politics, I have known since a speech I heard at the Democratic National Committee in 2004 by Barack Obama, whom I wanted for my next President.  I can’t wait for Day One.


4 thoughts on “Ready on Day One; What does that really mean?

  1. I read Obama’s book, “Audacity of Hope” when it was first published. It’s an amazing book, that shows the mind of a very wise and thinking man. It shows the mind of a man that can see, not just look at the whole picture or just one side of a subject and take into consideration all that is involved.
    Obama is not a magical being offering false hope, but he offers a future that he admits is going to take all of us working togther to realize. He tells our youth there wil be no hand outs for free college, but that they will have to give something in return. He gives them a choice. He offers us choice in affordable health care, not another law of the land to punish us if we don’t behave. Obama knows that we all need to compromise and work together. He will be best able to sit and talk with pharmacueticals and insurance companies as well as other health care professionals to help lower costs health care. He is not beholden to them as others are that take their money, so will not be bent to their will alone but can show beneifits to them as well as the people he represents.

    He is a man of integrity. Our children need someone to look up to. They need someone who shows good judgement, has good morals and will take responsbilities for his actions and not make excuses.

    If you have not read “Audacity of Hope” please do so.

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