Conservative Talk Radio – what will they do now

For weeks now, the talking heads of conservative talk radio (that’s redundant, I know, but anyway)  yes ALL of them, as if reading from the same memo faxed to them every morning by the Convervative Eflin Majic Tree, have been touting the merits of Mitt Romney and how he is the ONLY obvious choice.  To those of you in the Republican base, if you don’t believe what they believe, then you are stupid and aren’t a real republican. 

And then Romney “suspended” his run for the presidency (which really means quit, unless McCain dies in the mean time, and then he’ll suddenly reappear).

So, what will Laura Ingrahm do now, what will Rush and Sean Hannity do know?  Oh, poor things, I feel so badly for them.  How will they each fill 3 hours of air space very week day.

We’ll see.  This will be interesting; and by that I mean how will they try to manipulate and lie to their listeners.  I can’t figure it out yet,  so I’ll just have to tune in for as long as I can stomach to figure it out.  I’ll let you know.

I’m wondering if they’ll spend time blaming liberals for the Town Meeting Shooting yesterday.  It’s a possibility.  If there’s a way to spin it that way, I’ll guaranty you they will figure it out.


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