Who to vote for in 2008?

The answers are probably more simply than we think.  First, I think it is pretty easy to get to the fact that it is time for a Democrat in the White House.  Quite literally, democracy means (the people rule).  It is a party based on civil rights, individual freedoms, and the freedom of the press, something we have not had for quite some time, not really.

So if you want to boil it down to Hillary and Obama, I believe the answer is even more obvious.  It is about having an internal moral compass.  Both of these candidates have them, but are both compasses pointing north.  To me, there is nothing Hillary won’t do to become president, nothing.   Whereas I believe Barack Obama has limitation on what he considers out of bounds.  He has been dragged into conversations about experience and race, only that he could be raked over the coals regarding these issues.  I think if it came down to it, he would walk away and run next time rather than put up with this type of politics.

If what you want is true inspriation, has Hillary Clinton, with all of her experience, inspired you?


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