Flip-flopping conservative talk radio running scared and sloppy

A month ago, conservative talk radio hosts berated Romney saying how could he possibly be electable since he was once for abortion rights and now he’s against them. I mean, how could you trust a man like that.

Now in the last few weeks, Romney is the golden child. They are calling McCain a pseudo-conservative who is as liberal as the liberals.  And today I heard them refer to Huckabee as McCain’s attack dog, insinuating that Huckabee and McCain were working together and that Huckabee is being set up to attack Romeny on McCain’s behalf.  My god, they are running in circles and are so confused that the neo-con talk show hosts haven’t even mentioned how much they hate Hillary or Obama.  Are they so scared and distracted that they forgot to mention how much they hate liberals??

It’s crazy out there.  Don’t listen to any of it.  Go to each candidate;s web site, read what they are for and against, and make your own decision based on who is still running and compare all that to what you believe in.  It is a bit entertaining, I must say, to listen to the right wingers act as if they have one shoe is nailed to the floor and they are walking in circles; meanwhile a carrot is strung on a stick in front of them.  They don’t know what direction to go in, or what schemes and conspiracies they can dream up to try and fool and manipulate the public.   They should definitely turn down the thermostat in their radio studios because I can hear the sweat dripping on the console.


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