Conservative talk radio is running scared, and so are the conservatives who listen

I tend to listen to conservative talk radio, not because I agree with them, in fact most times I get so angry I want to stop the car and call someone.  I listen so I can figure out what is going on in their heads.

In the last few weeks, everyone from Rush to Hannity to Laura are all behaving like small children who are stomping their feet because they aren’t getting their way.  And they are acting like teenagers who think that a “revolt” against the establishment (which as now become the democratic party) is the best laid plan.

I here words like “we are battling for the very soul of the republican party”.  And I hear, for the first time in years, Republicans bashing other republicans.  They are running scared, and jumping ship, not from the party or conservative views, but running from any presidential candidate who might have a progressive thought mixed into the fray of his campaign.

We non-republicans have been listening to ultra-conservative, manipulating rhetoric for 8 years and I must say that I am taking pleasure in watching the conservative mouth pieces on talk radio sink to new lows, knowing that they are fighting a losing battle.  If you really listen and compare what they say to what you know in your heart to be the truth, you will find it funny.  And a little sad.

And I can’t believe they are still bringing up abortion.  I have written other articles about this but I will state it again.  I am not saying abortion is right, or wrong.  I believe anybody who has to deal with abortion as a personal issue will struggle desparately with their decision.  But abortion is not something that I think about everyday, or need to think about every day.  I have no reason, based on the people in my life and the people I know, to worry about it every day.  My circle of family and friends isn’t making appointments for abortions on a regular basis.  And neither are theirs.  So get off it.  Get off your high horse about abortion and gay marriage and the things that make no difference in our everyday lives.  I have to get up and go to work everyday and try to put food on the table and gas in the car and pay the utility bills.  Abortion and gay marriage don’t have anything to do with that.  I also don’t worry about whether or not Osama is planning an attack on my neighborhood or on the roads I drive to get to work to make some money to eek out some sort of so-called living. 

 Get your heads out of the sand when it comes to “issues”.  You’re starting to piss me off now.


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