George Bush’s last State of the Union Address – there are no sweeter words

Have sweeter words ever been spoken?  One day last week I was working away on my computer with the TV on in the background.  I heard the words “next Monday will be President Bush’s last State of the Union address”.  My eyes widened, my jaw dropped and I turned my head slowly to stare at the television.  There was no reason for that since after that point I could not hear or comprehend what was going on around me for several seconds.  And I thought “Could that be true?  Oh, my God, it is true!”

And I thought, Thank GOD this will all soon be over.  If I look at the 2008 Presidential Election from a broad perspective, as open minded and balanced as I can be, I know in my heart that there is no way another republican can be elected.  After the voter fraud and recounts of the election in 2000, I did not think we Americans could survive 4 long years until this autrocity could be corrected.  Then 2004 came around and once again voter fraud went unchecked, but to an even greater degree, the American voter population was somehow fooled again.

But no longer will be have to be exposed to the lies and rhetoric of the Bush Administration.  No longer will we daily uncover more untruths, half-truths, outright lies, and above all, cover ups and manipulations.  It is almost over.  We just have to hang on a bit longer.

So wait with me, be silent a little more with me, hold hands with me, kneel before whatever spiritual being you might pray to and wait for it all to finally be over.  We will eventually be released from this 12 year old child who is running our country as a puppet under the control of Dick Cheney. (Check out PBS.ORG for video on the Cheney administration).

I am listening to the State of the Union address as I write and can not believe what I am hearing.  I can’t watch anything else because since Bush came to power, my livelihood, the economy, the way of life I had known for years, is gone.  As a result I had my cable TV ripped out because I can’t afford it anymore.  I am invisible to him.  And he doesn”t care.  But it is almost over.  So sit and wait with me and pull the right lever at the right time.  We will get there together.

If you don’t know who to vote for, if you don’t know which candidate has beliefs and opinions that closely match your beliefs and opinions, go to .  It’s a great site that helps you determine which candidates match up with your viewpoints.

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