The real issues in the 2008 presidential election.

Sometimes I sit here and think “do people even know HOW to vote?”  I don’t mean do they know how to pull the lever, I mean do they know HOW to decide for whom to cast their vote.

What are the real issues that affect us every day of our lives?  What are the issues that make a real difference in the way we live our lives?

Is it being a Republican or Democrat?  No.  The party with which I think I identify myself or the party the President belongs to has no affect on my daily life. And you?

Is it abortion?  No, I don’t know one person right now struggling with that issue and even if I did, it would not affect MY LIFE.  Abortion is a difficult decision no matter the circumstance.  I hope that people struggling with that decision make whatever choice is right for them.  But you will not convince me that ANYONE in this country has to struggle with abortion on a massive scale every day of their lives. That’s not the issue.  It has no affect on my daily life; and you?

Is it religion?  Who you pray to, or whether or not you choose to pray at all, as no affect on MY LIFE whatsoever.  And you?

Is it terrorism?  Some might think it is but we don’t get attacked every day, I don’t think about it every day, and quite frankly there are things that I worry about every day that in the big scheme of things are small compared to terrorism, but my comparatively small issues are what keep me up at night, not whether or not we have incoming missiles.  And you?

So what are the issues that are common to all of us.  Well how about these?

How am I going to afford to put gas in my car and groceries on the table?  How will I afford to send my children to college.  Are my children getting involved in drugs.  Are my friends and family healthy, depressed, happy?  What happens if I lose my job?  What do I do now that I have lost my job?  Why is it that everyone I know is financially struggling whether or not they even have a job?  If I own my business, how can I be more successful?  How can I provide for myself and my employees? I want to wake up and feel proud to be living in this day.  I want to be proud to be an American.  I want to help other people and give back to the community because no matter how bad I think things are, I am blessed and have gifts that should be shared with others.  These are the things that unite us as human beings.  These are the things I worry about. And you?

So I can only hope that when it comes time to make decisions about who should lead this country, that we give pause and think about what really matters and who will inspire us, help us, lead us, and unite us in the things that are common to all of us.  I am so tired of talking about, and hearing about, our differences.  What I want is a leader who is a real person, flawed like all of us are flawed, and some one who worries about how we Americans will put food on the table and gas in the car.  A leader who worries about my job and what happens if I lose my job.  A leader who will restore America’s name around the world as a nation of generosity and hope. 

There are things in hindsight that we know haven’t worked.  Trickle-down economics for example.  I don’t want to go back to the Reagan years, I don’t want to go back to the Clinton years, and I certainly don’t want to maintain the Bush years.  I want to go forward with the new American years.  The years where America restored its sense of decency, restored its sense of pride, and restored the opportunity for each and every American to live a happy and healthy life.


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