A theory on why Obama won’t win, unfortunately

This is my theory on what is actually going on with Barack Obama.  White people like Obama because he’s not “that black”.  He is accepted by the white establishment.

Blacks think that Obama is “flattering” the whites (according to scholar Shelby Steele on “Bill Moyer’s Journal – PBS) and so they will separate themselves from Obama.  They still want white America to pay for the sins of our southern forefathers. This is a form of racism on the part of Black America.

Underneath all of it, white America is still fundamentally racist.  When you have a Caucus you essentially vote “out loud” so you can’t be publicly racist. When you have a Primary, voting is private, so you can be racist when you vote.  So Americans who are fundamentally racist won’t vote for Obama behind closed doors.  This is the regular form of racism.

So Obama is stuck in the middle.  Blacks won’t vote for him in the end because the whites like him and they don’t want whites to get what they want.

Whites won’t vote for him in the end because they won’t vote for a Black man for president of the United States.

I don’t understand why after everything that has happened with the current republican administration, we can’t all just vote for the person who will do the best job regardless of the color of that persons skin.


7 thoughts on “A theory on why Obama won’t win, unfortunately

  1. Obama did 3 things:

    win by the second largest plurality of the past 75 years;

    inspire more people to register to vote in the last 6 months than have ever registered in any 6-month period in our nation’s history;

    inspire more people to cast ballots than have ever cast ballots before in the history of the united states.

    And, of course, he won the election quite handily, so much so that every major newspaper and tv station called the election earlier than they’ve ever called a presidential election before.

    You can vote for whichever white candidate you prefer, but the rest of us voted for the one who has revitalized the party.

  2. I think some may have missed the point of my post. I thought I was clear of my intention by putting the word unfortunately in the title. Back in January I wrote what I was feeling, and what I was seeing. I never in a million years would have wanted Barack to NOT WIN. The point of the post was to expose what others were saying and through that I wanted to express my concern, or even fear, of what might happen some 10 month’s down the road.

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