Writer’s Guild – go back to work already!!

OK, I get it.  You want even more money than you are making now, the studio’s are screwing you out of money, yeah, yeah, I get it, welcome to the real world.

You are not only affecting yourselves. The American public is pissed off at you because there is absolutely no new material coming out of Hollywood (or New York, or wherever you write).  In the age of media, the public knows what’s going on and they will write you off, no pun intended, when you do decide to return to work.  We know you already make lots of money, you just want more because it’s fair.  Well figure that out on your own time.

Americans are fickle.  If their favorite show isn’t on or is in re-runs, they will find a new show to watch.  Otherwise, reruns wouldn’t exist.  So when you finally do return to work, we don’t care.

And what about all of the other people who lost their jobs because of you.  The production assistants, camera operators, key grip, second grip, craft services, hair dressers, wardrobe, all without jobs, without income because the writer’s guild, who by all counts makes a damn good salary, wants more money.

Well, I want more money too.  I want a job infact.  I’ve been out of work for 9 months.  I can’t call my old employer and go on strike because they are using my ideas, to this day, even though I’m not there anymore, can I…. NO I CAN’T.

Get back to work and stop whining.  Some of us are trying to figure out how to feed our families and put gas in our cars so we can bring our children to doctor’s appointments that we can’t afford.


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