You never know who is reading

Several months ago I told my sister Joyce about my blog.  She seemed interested and asked me for the web address. I gave it to her but didn’t think much about it. 

After experiencing some very dark times in my life, I didn’t feel much like noticing and writing about what was going on in the rest of the world.  And so I didn’t.  And I also did not realize how disconnected I felt by not getting my thoughts out into the world by writing on my blogs (I’ve go a few).

At some point later, my sister casually mentioned that she checks my blog and that I had not been writing much.  I was surprised and delighted that she noticed and that she actually really was reading my blog.

At then even later, I started writing again and she called me tonight about something else entirely (I have Bells Palsy and since I can’t talk very well, I’ve been writing more).  So she mentioned that she noticed I started writing again.

It’s good to get noticed.  I’m glad I am writing again too.

And for her I’ll dedicate this post and I will re-post the site we talked about tonight that will help you decide, maybe, who you should vote for based on the issues.  It is:

So make sure you stop by this site and tell your kids about it too.  That’s a message not only for my sister, but for everyone who might stop by my site who needs help picking their candidate.


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