Bush thanks other countries for providing “shooters”

It is December 20 and Bush has a press conference in which he thanks the “Danes, Swedes, Australians” and others for their participation in Iraq.  He thanked them for providing (and I quote) “Shooters”.  So Bush thanked our allies for providing people that will shoot at and kill other people in Iraq.

And then, the ultimate.  He once again invokes September 11 as if Iraqis had anything to do with what happened on that horrible day.  I can not believe that after all this time he is still performing this trick and I only pray to God that people have finally figured out that invoking September 11 as a justification for the mess in Iraq is an absolute LIE.  Think back, if you can; were there any Iraqis terrorists on those planes?  Were the terroists Iraqis?  No they were not.

Even the mainstream press now admits openly that they did not ask enough questions, they did not press enough issues and statements made by the president and his staff leading up to the Iraq War.  They themselves admin that they dropped the ball, and by doing so disappointed themselves and did not serve the American public in the way that were taught in journalism 101.


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