Bush acts like a child scorned on the playground

Once again, Bush (I can’t even bring myself to call him president), went on TV to call other people names and make outrageous accusations.

Congress finally had the foresight to stop this administration from monitoring any and every phone call that they want to, whether or not the can prove that such a phone call has anything to do with terrorism.

Bush and his cronies have ruled the country with an iron fist, by instilling an unsubstantiated fear in the minds of the American public.

Well, Mr. Bush, we are not going to be fooled into being afraid so that we will follow you around like a puppy dog with a blank look on our face saying out loud and under our breath “War on Terror, War on Terror, War on Terror”.  We are not the republican equivalent of the Stepford Wives or the Fembots.  We have our own minds and can make our own decisions, and have our own opinions. We don’t need you to make decisions for us as to what we should or should not be afraid of.

It is interesting that Bush blames congress for not passing any legislation that he wants; he blames the “majority democrats” for everything that in his eyes, is wrong with the world.  But he and everybody else knows that the Democrats have a very small majority in Congress and it is not enough of a majority to force legislation to pass, through an override of vetoes that the president himself has imposed.   Congress needs a certain percentage to override a presidential veto and Bush knows that the Democrats, even in their small majority, can never get enough votes to override him.   Well, he can’t have it both ways.

So he goes on TV and does the equivalent of calling people names, taking his ball and going home, crying because he gets picked last for the dodge ball team, and all under the guise of a political speech.

Bush is scrambling in the late hours of his presidential life, to come up with something that he can claim is his legacy so that history won’t treat him badly.  When we look back on this time thirty years from know.  He will be nothing but a blip on our radar, hopefully.  The only other option is that his legacy will be one that changed the world permanently in such a way that made the rest of the world had America and turn against us.  It will be his fault.  Because he is basically a child.  He acts like a four year old, has the vocabulary of a four year old.  If I didn’t know any better I would think Peter Griffin from family guy is running the country.  Have you seen the episode about “Petoria”?

I am so glad I don’t have children because I could never explain him to them.


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