It’s painful to watch Regis and Kelly bomb every day.

I don’t know if Regis and Kelly simply lost their chemistry or what, but it is honestly embarrassing to watch Regis and Kelly try each morning to make their show interesting and somewhat comical, let alone actually funny.  I remember back in the day (not that I watched it all the time but I did catch it when I was home sick or whatever) when it was Regis and Kathy Lee Gifford.  Now THEY were annoying, but there were times when they were funny.  Same thing with Regis and Kelly.  I though their chemistry was great at first and they played off of each other well, generating some comical moments, making the show somewhat entertaining.

But now, even THEY know their show is bombing.  They know it is a bore, a snore, not funny, and the audiences just aren’t responding to Regis’s constant whining and complaining anymore.  It’s just not funny.  You can see Kelly try and try to get some momentum going every day, but the terror on her face as the show bombs during the chit-chat portion of the show everyday, is heart breaking.  As for general audience appeal, Kelly’s the one who’s got it.  She’s smart, and genuinely funny.  She has great comic timing.  But when working with someone who is turning into a has-been who can’t remember his guests names, or the movies or TV shows they have been in or are in, it must get tiring for her.

I think it’s time to close the show, it’s time time go.  Close the curtain.


One thought on “It’s painful to watch Regis and Kelly bomb every day.

  1. That’s interesting…just glad the packed out studio doesn’t agree…as well as many of the rest of us.

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