Sometimes, you just have to believe

I hate that I learn so much from television.  TV has in so many ways become a wasteland of not-really-reality TV.  But television drama, and I mean good drama, really can, still, teach you some things about life if you know what to look for.

I watched a recent episode of a TV show called “Supernatural”. The show is science fiction and follows the lives of two brothers who are on their own, and have been since their early teens. They take on, fight against, and usually win against, any number of supernatural forces trying to kill them or others.  It is not the genre of TV that I usually enjoy; I don’t like horror movies or anything like that.

But this show, these characters, Sam and Dean, are so much more than just life-like super heroes fighting evil.  There is a story behind what is being shown on the screen.  These two brothers truly love each other, protect each other and would give their lives for each other.  It is never said, never discussed, and there is barely a conversation between the two that would even indicate this.  But there is a meaning behind the story, and more importantly, a meaning behind just the look in their eyes when matched against evil or matched against an unseen horrific danger that lurks in the darkness. 

In the episode I saw recently, there was sort of a Christmas theme; as much as a supernatural horror show can have a Christmas theme.  But in a series of flashbacks we see that older brother Dean has taken care of Sam the best he could since they were kids and lost both of their parents.  Dean still wears the necklace that Sam made him 16 years ago when they were alone for Christmas.

I have all sorts of examples of how my own brothers, some of them anyway, show that they do have that depth of love and respect for me without ever overtly “showing” it.  And so the brothers in Supernatural, and the memories of my own brothers, reminded me to believe in all of the different kinds of love out there, and to remember when I am feeling alone, lonely, or even unloved at times, that the love of your brothers is out there.  You just have to believe it, not because you are holding on to a pipe dream, but because it is true.


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