Is it really a Kid Nation?

I have not been inspired to write in quite some time.  For all of those who really know me, I have always said that I don’t like kids.  It have thought that the majority of kids today are spoiled, have entitlement issues where they are not warranted, don’t work for anything they get and don’t appreciate what they have. 

 I have also applauded any parents today who have the foresight and financial sacrifice it takes for at least one parent to stay home and raise the children.

I have watched “Kid Nation” on CBS on and off over the past several months.  I don’t think I have ever watched a complete episode from start to finish, but I watched enough of it here or there to understand the concept.  Tonight, since there was literally nothing else on (I don’t have cable) I watch most of the finale of “Kid Nation”.  While I know that reality shows are “edited for television” in ways that manipulate public viewpoint and emotions, I can’t help be raise a glass to these kids who seemed to have truly learned something. 

I watched them over the months learn to fight with each other, accept each other, love each other, work together, and acknowledge the accomplishements, achievements, and worthiness of each other.

It was nice to see kids from age 10 -14 show apprication for what they have learned about life by simply being together, living together, fighting, arguing, disagreeing, loving each other, and foregiving each other.  I guess when it comes to really putting the merit where it belongs, it is the parents who somehow taught their children more than even they probably knew they taught them.

I don’t like to get up on a soapbox about family issues because I don’t have a family of my own. I am a member of a family but I don’t have children, a wife or husband, and don’t know what it is like to “raise children”.  It is a tough job.

This show, Kid Nation, really did give me a different outlook not just on life today, but life in the future.  Maybe these kids didn’t came this way to the project, maybe they learned a lot just being there.  Maybe they were smart enough to learn from each other, just to survive.  Whatever it was, something worked and something made these kids grow to a new level; a level that I wish all kids, and a level that I wish I myself at that age, was within reach.

I hope these children are examples of what the future can bring. 


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