Sacrifice – the greatest generations

After seeing Ken Burns documentary on World War II, and after seeing something last night on PBS about World War I, I started thinking about something.  This something is a culmination of those two items plus all of the things I have seen lately and in the past about those wars and those generations.

In both World Wars people around the world, and I’m talking about the good guys, gave up a lot.  In America, during WW2, there were rations, and blackouts, and War Bonds to help pay for the war.  I don’t know as much about World War I, but people were afraid, as they should have been, and did whatever they could, or had to do, for the war effort.

I know I didn’t make up this concept but the idea of sacrifice in those times as compared to now, during the Iraq Occupation (or war) is astounding.  After September 11, the Cheney Administration and George Bush, the figure head, told us to go about our business, go shopping, etc.

Why were we not asked to raise money for armoured vehicles.  Why are there no such thing as war bonds now?  Why is there no sense of sacrifice on the American people?  Why is no one organizing these sacrifices?

I will immediately make exception right now to the troops themselves, and their families and friends, who must endure the unbearable pain of not knowing if you will ever see your loved one again.  I can’t even pretend to imagine what that is like and my heart breaks when I think about it.  If my brother or sister, or god willing some day my boyfriend, were overseas, and I did not hear from them daily, or weekly, or something reasonable, I would absolutely go out of my mind.  And to know that everyone who comes back from there has a high instance of not really being the same person ever again, is mind boggling.

We, as a nation, are detached from this war, not because we choose to be, but because the republican administration, and the media as their mouthpiece, want us to be detached.  In the beginning there was great concern, and great sense of purpose.  But you all must admit that if you are not in the fray as a troop or the loved one of a troop, that you don’t think about the war as much now, you don’t know as many details about the war anymore.  And while we all want it to be over, and while it has gone on longer not than either World War One or Two, we have become numb to so much of it.

I don’t have the intelligence or just plain know-how to organize the big sacrifice from the American people to do whatever we have to do to end the war and get the troops home.  I say American people because we have ostracized ourselves and are almost completely alone there, and if no, we will be soon.  But if somebody out there can be inspired to do organize the sacrifice,  I will be the first on the list, right by your side, to help.   I sound like such a coward.  But the real problem is, I’m just not smart enough.

No matter what happens in the next election, I hope that whoever is in the white house (no capitalized for political reasons), whether republican or democrat, is the exact polar opposite of what we have now.


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