Post Season Major League Baseball – Kudos TBS

I will admit right off that I am no baseball expert.  I’m not an export in any sport for that matter.  But, I am a Red Sox fan and I am truly enjoying the post season on TBS.  I don’t recall watching many sporting events on TBS.  I noticed, after watching several games, not just the Sox, that I enjoy the commentators on TBS.  I don’t know their names and didn’t bother to find out.  But it doesn’t seem to be the usual mindless chatter of most commentators.  They make good observations, seem fair and balanced, offer some decent background on players, previous games, seasons, etc.  When I think about some of the ridiculous chatter I recall from other network broadcasts, I realize that I am not so annoyed.

Good Job, TBS.



One thought on “Post Season Major League Baseball – Kudos TBS

  1. You are the only one that likes
    Sorry they lost me when they called Manny David and vice versa. If your network guys can’t remember which hitter is which then they should give up.

    There is also a you tube video where one of the announcers is literally making no sense.

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