Star Parker on “The View”

I wrote a blog entry regarding Star Parker’s appearance on “The View” on June 19, 2007; that’s almost 4 month’s ago.  I usually check the stats for my web site on a semi-regular basis.  On the stat page, I can see how many visitors I got, as well as things like what search words were used on various Internet search engines that helped users find my site.

I keep seeing the words “Star Parker on The View” as search criteria even after 4 months from her appearance and my not-so-flattering article about that appearance.  I’m starting to think that the Star Parker’s camp (or maybe Star herself) is intentionally doing searches for her so that she shows up on some list of “most searched items” on the Internet. 

I’m guessing that somehow this will help her ego and maybe her pocketbook (not sure).  If it does help her pocketbook, it should help her bank roll her drug addition the next time it pops up (and she drops her bible in a puddle in an alleyway somewhere).  I really can’t think of any other reason.

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