I love making Tylenol

You’ve really got to be kidding me.  There is a Tylenol commercial out now and the copy sounds like this:  “I love making Tylenol”, and “I put love into this product”.  Since when is making drugs similar to making an apple pie for your grandchildren.

I don’t think I understand the point of this commercial.  I think they are trying to say that since they don’t make generic acetaminophen (which I’m not sure I believe) that they put all of their “love” into making “real” Tylenol.

Is anybody buying this crap?


One thought on “I love making Tylenol

  1. Yeah, I agree, that ad is totally repulsive, especially since we KNOW no-one really “makes” tylenol, it is all automated, never sees a human; and then they have that racist crap with the woman being all gangsta mama, telling us, now that’s some love, I’m all about tylenol…It is too weird, keeps me from buying tylenol, moreso because my mother almost died from taking too much of the stuff!

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