Why, oh why can’t people pronounce words correctly?

I know I am not the only one who gets down right pissed off when supposedly intelligent people can’t pronounce words we all learned sometime before the third grade.  Here are a few that irk the shit out of me.

ASTERISK (you know, that little star (*) that you see on a page sometimes).  It is pronounced ASS-TUR-ISK, say it with me, ASS-TUR-ISK.  Nope, not ASS TUR ICKS, not ASS-TUR-ICK, try it again….ASS-TUR-ISK.  (Source – a CNN broadcaster, I didn’t get her name but it was Sunday, 8/5/07 around 11:45 or so.)

There you go, now try these.

NUCLEAR – NEW-CLEE-URR, no, no, not NEW-KYA-LER, it’s NEW-CLEE-URR. Got it??  – (Source – We all know which idiot says this one. )

REALTOR -that’s REE-ULL-TERR, not REE-LA-TERR, how about it, huh?  (Source – some woman with whom I used to work and a lot of idiots on those get-rich-quick schemes you see on infomercials for real estate.)

ASK – I can’t even think of another way to spell this out phonetically.  What you see is what you get.   ASK.  Not AX, or ACKS, just ASK.   Source??

Bring em’ on folks, I want to create the largest list of mispronounced words ever.  And if you have the source, that’s even better.  I want to embarrass everyone who is too lazy to form the words correctly in their mouths.  And I believe that’s what it is:  laziness.  We as a nation are so lazy we can’t bother to pronounce words correctly because even forming words in our mouths takes too much energy.

5 thoughts on “Why, oh why can’t people pronounce words correctly?

  1. How about sherbet?
    Incorrect pronunciation: sherr – berrt
    Correct pronunciation: sherr – bet
    or prostate
    Incorrect pronunciation: pros-trate
    Correct pronunciation: pros-tate

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