We get encouragment from unexpected places – so keep on blogging

It’s been pretty discouraging lately since I have not found a job yet and I had started to feel badly about myself, questioning my skills and abilities, questioning my resume, feeling that I did not have the talents needed to earn the kind of salary I feel I deserve.

Things have a funny way of unfolding before your very eyes.  In the past two days, I had two unusual things happen to me.  I talked to the recruiter (headhunter) that I have been working with since April.  He is a great guy and when I explained to him the lack of response I was getting, he told me this (I am paraphrasing):

You are a talented, intelligent guy who has a lot to offer and you absolutely deserve the kind of job and the kind of salary that your are looking for.  He told me that what I am experiencing, is the same thing that everyone else is experiencing.  He gets several phone calls a week from people he is working with, just like me, who say the exact same thing.  He went on to say that employers in general right now are very unresponsive and shared a story with me about an employer who contacted him to find some candidates for a job.  He has had candidates ready for this employer to interview for two months and the employer is not returning his phone calls to get these people in for an interview, so the job is sitting there unfilled.  It doesn’t make much sense to him either.

The bottom line is that he game me a pep talk and he inspired me to keep trying.  He told me not to give up and he was in the exact same place I am in now, about a year ago.  I even contacted some friends and former co-workers in Connecticut (where I lived my whole life prior to 2001).  Not only am I considering moving back there, I am actively applying for jobs there a well. 

The second thing that happened to me is that I got a comment on one of my posts from a person that told me how much they like my blog and that they check it often to see if I have written anything new.  Now that put some wind in my sails.  I started this blog only since I have been out of work.  I use it as a place to unleash the thoughts bouncing around in my head. 

I could tell by what this person wrote that they read most of what I write which could be about all kind of things like the war, the world, peace, love, comedy, human interest, and high definition television (there’s a cornucopia of topics, huh?). 

The bottom line on this one is that it really helped me out a great deal to know that at least one person out there does care about what I have to say, and I am assuming they care about what a lot of people have to say. 

That’s what blogging is all about.  Sharing ideas and opinions and hopefully, with an open mind.  I do get comments that have a negative slant towards me or what I wrote but I don’t block those comments.  I did not start this blog so that everyone will agree with me.  Also, I spend a lot of time reading what other people are writing about on the internet.

So to all the bloggers and the people reading those blogs out there, keep up the good work.   I do believe that the common consciousness of our world gets flushed out by the least common denominators found in the writings and comments of our bloggers and readers.  In my opinion these common denominators are peace, acceptance, forgiveness, love, common sense, humor and above all….change for the common good.  We will never all agree on everything but I believe we can agree on these basics.

Keep on blogging and keep on reading.


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