Rosie got us to watch the View and we’re still watching

Like many, I did not really pay attention to The View until Rosie showed up.  She made it exciting and dramatic and opened the eyes of a lot of people and gave a voice to many.  Also, like others I did not think I would watch it after she left.  At first, it felt empty with Rosie gone.  It felt to me like the show had lost its air like a helium balloon that has been around for too long.

But low and behold, I believe that the remaining members of the team have learned a lot from Rosie’s tenure there, and the drama that happened during and after her departure.  The View has become more gentile and while I think at first that Joy, Barbara, Elisabeth and the guest hosts had some trepidations, they seem to have found their groove again, but with some corrections.  They have learned that they should still talk about the difficult issues, they should still disagree, but in the middle of it all, differences of opinion are not the end of the world.  That’s what The View is supposed to be about.  And Barbara has become more upfront and in charge like a journalistic icon of her magnitude should be.

I must say that in some ways I do miss the bickering and disagreements that elevated into something almost unwatchable.  But when I really realize that “in your face” television doesn’t add as much to the national dialog as I thought, and I believe that Rosie left for exactly that reason, I am getting used to just some honest dialog.

Good luck to The View – Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth and whoever else Barbara might add to the mix


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