Murderer, Michael Woodbury, gets what he wants from WGME News

WGME News Channel 13 in Portland, Maine was so proud of their “exclusive” scoop when a self-admitted murderer, Michael Woodbury, was being walked outside from a holding tank to the courthouse.

Journalist Kate Barker asked Woodbury on that short walk if he committed the murders at a store in Conway, New Hampshire, and he said “Unfortunately, I Did”

WGME also reported that the reason Woodbury talked to WGME was that he watches WGME news and LIKES TO SEE HIMSELF ON TV.

Are you friggin kidding me?   WGME could have told the whole story without ever showing a picture of him to prove to him, and everyone else, that murder is not a way to get your face on TV.  But did they take the high road?  Did they teach a valuable lesson?  No. They showed this clip of him over and over again.  Great work WGME, you are so stupid that you played right into his hand.  I hope you are proud of yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Murderer, Michael Woodbury, gets what he wants from WGME News

  1. He confessed to the crime on News 13. What you fail to mention is that News 13 may have saved these poor families from watching this guy walk and not be punished. Why don’t you ask the NH attorney general’s office if they think the question was stupid.

  2. I didn’t fail to mention anything. What you FAILED to understand about this article is that WGME could have had his admission, trial, and hanging in their grasp for all I care. but this sicko wanted his picture on television and that is exactly what they gave him. His big, fat, murdering mug on the television screen. They COULD HAVE gone with just the audio of his confession and never shown his picture. Showing his picture is exactly what he wanted AS PART OF HIS SICKNESS. Do you get it yet?

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