Starburst Law Suit – too chewy??? Attorney is a wad.

Victoria McArthur from Michigan has filed a lawsuit against Mars candy company because the product called Starburst Fruit CHEWS are too CHEWY?

First, the description of the consistency of the product is right in the name.
Second, Why did she wait until the third or fourth chew to make this revelation (as seen in court documents).
Third, and this one is my favorite, is that her lawyers name is Brain Muawad which I believe is pronounced “Brian, Mmm, you a wad”. 

She is suing for $25,000.

I plan on suing Coca-Cola because their soda is too bubbly.  I mean, really, insert your ludicrous comparison here.

I’ve got three words for Victoria – “what the f&^#$”.  Or I could go with just “get a life”.

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