Immigration Reform, I don’t know what to think

I am not registered as a democrat or a republican. I am registered as “unaffiliated”. While you can probably tell from this blog that for the most part I would consider myself liberal, or progressive, I don’t like the idea of signing on with one political party. It makes me feel like I am forced to back one specific agenda.

Immigration is a subject that I have been struggling with for a while. I do believe that we should secure our borders on all sides of our great country. While this country was founded on the principals of welcoming all, there are just too many people out there who are trying to hurt us, or take advantage of us.

I do believe that we should still welcome anyone who wants to immigrate to the United States, but I also believe there needs to be a legal process of an application, a waiting period, and acceptance process. I believe we need to be able to account for and track all of these people who are in this process. These legal immigrants, prior to citizenship, should be able to take advantage of some social programs but not all, no right away.  And to receive these advantages, they should need to prove that they are in the midst of the legal immigration process.

I have been unemployed now for two months and I wonder how many immigrants right now, legal or illegal, are actually receiving more “benefits” than I am as a U.S. Citizen born in this country. Do they have free health care, because I don’t. Do they get food stamps, because I don’t. Are they on welfare, or Medicaid, because I am not.

Which brings me to children of illegal immigrants born in this country. If you are an immigrant, illegal or legal, and have not yet become a citizen, then your children born in the country should not automatically be U.S. Citizens. The children should become citizens when the parents do. This should not be a problem since the legal immigrants are following the process. Illegal immigrants are out of luck. But that’s OK, because they are “illegal”.  Doesn’t that make sense?  They should not be allowed to illegally come into this country, have children, and have those children automatically be U.S. Citizens. That’s like saying if someone from France traveled here on vacation and happened to go into early labor, thereby giving birth to a child while here in the U.S, that child is an American. That just doesn’t make any sense.

I know I am lucky to have been born in the United States, and my parents were born in the United states. I believe that there is no better country on this earth; Canada is a close second. The government should not be invasive and there should be a separation from church and state. I believe in the right to choose and gay rights. But I also believe that our country, all of us, as citizens, have the right to know who is in this country, how they got here, and if you follow a few simple rules, you can become and American as well. I just don’t think it is all that complicated.

I am probably over-simplifying it. I don’t have all the answers; if I did I would probably be a U.S. Senator or something like that. But I go back to my original point. When I think about immigration, all I really want is to know that the my country, greatest nation in the world, is safe and secure, like it should be and that my taxes are not paying for people to receive benefits while living here illegally.

I don’t know if that makes me a democrat, republican, progressive, conservative, or what, and I’m not sure I care.  It’s just what I believe.

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