Gayle King Rocks

I’ve known Gayle King for many years (not personally, but I’ve known of her).  I was born and raised in Connecticut, specifically around the Hartford area.  Gayle was a newscaster on our local CBS station, WFSB in Hartford.  I never really thought all that much of her one way or the other.  At one point I lived in the same town as her; Glastonbury, Connecticut.  I saw her in my local supermarket one day and she actually seemed kind of rude or aloof.  But maybe she was just having a bad day.

I saw her on The View this morning and I was impressed.  She is intelligent, well spoken, and while somewhat opinionated, it is not to the level that it is annoying.  Who among us isn’t opinionated.  I guess I should have know that anyone who was a good friend of Oprah’s is probably someone who could be a friend of mine.

I just want to state that I was wrong about Gayle.  I’m not indifferent about her; I really like her.


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