Stay Free Maxipad Commerical

This has been bothering me for a while.  Now, I’m a guy and I probably should not even get involved.  But I promised myself that my blog would be used to vent things when I have no other avenue to do so.

There is a Stay Free Maxi-pad commercial (I think its Maxi, could be Mini or something else, that’s not the part I really paid attention to) but the commercial starts out with a few women sitting on lounge chairs on what looks like a rooftop.  There is a huge water tower in clear view in the background.  Suddenly a close-up of the water tower appears and literally bursts open, with gallons upon gallons of water gushing out, indicating some sort of disaster.

Now, I’m not a woman, but that one visual effect offends me.  I can’t believe that it wouldn’t offend the women out there who use these types of products.  Is it supposed to funny?  If so, I think I need someone to explain the humor in comparing a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle to a water tower that bursts open.


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